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Generate files for Linux and OS X

Generate files for Linux and OS X

This "HOW TO" describes how to make your own ZGameEditor projects run under Linux and Mac OS X (Intel x86).

1. Start ZGameEditor

2. Open your project or one of the sample projects.

3. Choose to generate a binary for the target platform:

4. Copy the generated binary to the target platform.

Platform requirements:

  • OpenGL must be installed
  • SDL must be installed

Also note that on Linux you must check 2 things: first of all, the file must be executable. You can set the file executable from a shell terminal with the command "chmod 755 your_file_name", or from a filemanager application. Plus, the engine looks for a lib called "". You might have some other libs like "" or "" installed in your "usr/lib" folder. If this is the case, you can create a system link using the command "ln -s usr/lib/ usr/lib/". Root privileges are needed.

Current limitations:

  • Built-in font not supported, use bitmapped fonts instead
  • Binaries are quite large and cannot be compressed with UPX


WolfAndBart-application running on Ubuntu Linux

ShaderDemo-application running on Mac OS X

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Page last modified on February 23, 2010, at 01:23 PM